Procurement Of Equipment / Instrument Nuclear Magnetic Resonance ( Nmr ) Spectroscopy:-Latest Model Of Dedicated 400Mhz Nmr-Based Platform, For High Performance Food Screening , Origin And Authenticity Purposes Combined With Dedicated Modules For Profiling Of Various Food Products Like Honey, Tea And Spices Etc. / Magnet System, Shim System ( Auto ) / Lock Channel -High Performance Magnetic Field Optimization System. Smart Magnet Field Control System With Digital Quadrature Lock Receiver, Radio Frequency Generation And Data Acquisition, Temperature Control, Gradient Accessory, Nmr Sample Changer , Nmr Probe, Software And Workstation, Workstation And Barcode, Application Module For Profiling Of Honey, Remote Data Analysis For Profiling Of Honey, Service Validation, Ph Titration Unit For Automatic Ph Adjustment For Nmr Applications, Onsite Application & Trouble Shoot Training, New Method Development And Validation For Honey, Tea And Spices Profile Etc.

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July 18, 2018

Key Value

6 Crore

6 Crore

6 Crore